On unwanted advice

You don’t need unwanted advice, do you?

Still, you get plenty of it…from your friends, family, and your so-called well-wishers.

Here’s the problem with unwanted advice: it does not work.

Your friends, family members, and well-wishers might not get it, and usually, they are driven by their intentions to “help” you out and shower you with a LOT of advice.

Advice works only when it is demanded. Unwanted advice looses on listening grounds.

No one is interested in knowing what you think he or she should be doing. Most of us have very high regards for who we are.

“But we want to help our friend, family member or the person for whom we wish well,” you might argue.

If you really want to help them, then show them how. Attract their listening through your work and then change the form of advice to “answers” to the problems that they are seeking.

Wise men give an answer only when they get questions directly addressed to them.