On thought fencing

“I have studied engineering so all I can do is engineering.”

“I am a graphics designer so I cannot learn software programming.”

“I am a doctor so I cannot fix my car problems.”

“I am a cook so I cannot take good photographs.”

All of the above examples are of thought fencing.

Ok, but what exactly is thought fencing?

Thought fencing is a logical yet imaginary boundary you apply to your thoughts.

Thought fencing limits your thoughts, restricts your creativity and slows down your growth.

Once, Albert Einstein said,

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

To go wherever you want, you must learn to rise beyond logic. You must learn to “un-fence” your thoughts.

How do you do that?

It is simple. When you think, think like a child and do not apply any logical boundaries. But when you act, you apply all the necessary logical boundaries and take the right actions.

For example, when it comes to thinking, I can think that I can cook up a recipe which is made completely with salt but has a pinch of potato and onions!

As weird as it may sound, it is an example of unfenced thinking.

Usually we don’t cook such a recipe but instead, we prepare a recipe which is made completely with potato and has a pinch of salt but that’s not the point.

But it proves the point that one can think different, beyond the boundaries of what looks practical, reasonable and real and still create interesting experiences.

Granted, that you should not put all your “unfenced” thoughts into the actions because actions bring results, both good and bad, but when you cultivate the habit of unfenced thinking, you become thought-reach and your creativity goes to the next level.

The benefit of unfenced thinking is that you stay liberated from your own limiting thoughts. You may be limited by resources such as knowledge, time or money but you are not restricted by your imagination.

When you have abundance, boundary-less thoughts, chances are high that you will be able to deal with other limitations of resources.

So, un-fence your thoughts. It will help you become a man (or woman) of actions that matter.

And I keep saying this, “No actions, no results. That’s all, everything else is commentary!”

You’re in this world to make a difference, not to be merely a commentator, isn’t it?

Go, un-fence your thoughts and make something happen.