On thought excursion

It’s possible for a tracker to climb the Mount Everest, notice nothing exciting and leave the mountain as it is.

Same with a traveler who visits the Taj Mahal in India or the Louvre Museum in Paris. Excursion doesn’t always open your mind, although it’s expected to.

Enter thought excursion.

It’s possible to pass through some of the big thoughts of technology or management and observe nothing new.

What’s the point of such thinking if you’re not going to observe anything new?

If you want to build an iPhone app then go to your Mac, download Xcode and do some experiments. If you want to understand how a blog works, create a WordPress blog and start playing with it. Start doing. 

Only when we execute the thought and take actions, we get it, rest all is a theory which does not matter much in the practical world. 

The purpose of the excursion is to “see” new things or see old things with a new perspective and expand your perceptions. 

The thought excursion can be a deliberate practice which can expose you to the new, creative ways to look at the same thoughts and situations.

Consider trying it intentionally.