On project customer

Do you know who is your project customer?

Those who have a habit of learning project management via the internet know Elizabeth Harrin. She has written a  book on Customer-Centric Project Management, which has just been released.

She has written recently about who is your project customer in a recent blog post.

Elizabeth says, “Project customers are those stakeholders with a significant vested interest in the outcome of the project.”

Why project customer is important?

The reason is simple – he defines what “value” means to them.

Managing the project from just the Scope perspective is conventional; managing project from the Customer perspective is little different.

It requires keeping in constant touch with the project stakeholders, maintaining continuous communication with the project customer and ensuring common understanding.

To me, customer-centric project management means working collaboratively with the project customer rather than investing more and more time in negotiating what is right and what is not.

Sure, it requires a different mindset and application of project management knowledge but I think that’s where the world is heading.