On personal betterment 33

  1. Believe that you can get better;
  2. Just start getting better.
  3. Even a tiny dosage of betterment is fine.
  4. Start with simplifying.
  5. Ask: do you have a personal betterment plan?
  6. Yes or no. If no, develop one; if yes, move forward.
  7. Get clear on your chief goals;
  8. Chief goals which are aligned with your personal betterment vision.
  9. Then bring focus, laser focus.
  10. Get free from distractions. No TV, No Newspapers, No unimportant (maybe urgent) actions.
  11. Well, some TV or some Newspapers are fine but you got the idea. Restrict its use.
  12. Can you too not become mobile-free?
  13. I know it’s hard, so keep at least a couple of mobile-less hours every day.
  14. And see the results.
  15. Do effective use of the internet.
  16. Agreed that the Internet is a great servant;
  17. But at the same time, it’s a terrible master too.
  18. Less email, fewer messenger notifications, less Twitter and less Facebook.
  19. You might have two days off per week. Use one for family, half to do things you like but half for reflecting on how you are doing;
  20. Or even if you have just one day off, use a couple of hours at least for reflecting on how you are doing.
  21. Get clear on what ‘done‘ looks like;
  22. Keep to-do lists;
  23. Keep prioritized to-do lists;
  24. Keep prioritized lists and loop through it;
  25. Even better: Keep ‘Items not-to-do’ list and validate your actions against it;
  26. In the loop, keep checking ‘done’ items off the list;
  27. Celebrate this small chunk of accomplishment and move on to the next list item.
  28. You’re just getting better, aren’t you?
  29. You might want to add a few more items to the list and re-prioritize the list again;
  30. and, keep looping through it.
  31. You’re getting better. Indeed, you are.
  32. Read and learn from similar lists by reading Nicholas Bate’s superb blog.
  33. In summary: Believe in yourself, get clear on goals.  Start, make some progress. Retrospect how you are doing and align your actions; Repeat until you have got better.

…and the world will be a better place.