Worth doing

The more knowledge, more analysis, the more analysis, more options, the more options, difficult it is to make a decision.

When you operate an iPhone, there is only one option. Only one button. Pretty easy choice for everyone.

When you operate any other smartphone, options are many.

When running a business, at any given point of time, of course, there are many options. It is almost never binary…it’s almost never 0 or 1. It may be 0, 1 or anything in-between.

If you understand it and still choose an option, you know that you are choosing just a way out of many possibilities.

That way may not work. Unforeseen challenges may come. One day, suddenly things that otherwise looked good would turn haywire.

If you think you will regret doing it if it doesn’t work, it’s probably worth not doing it.

Worth doing businesses or projects for that matter are the ones that you choose to do despite other possibilities. It may work, it may not. That’s not the point.

Point is: Knowing all these, is it still worth doing it?