On being upbeat 20

All of us want to stay upbeat, isn’t it? Here are a few pointers to help you with that:

  1. Decide to be Upbeat;
  2. Embrace simplicity in your life;
  3. Take a 30-minutes walk every day;
  4. Spend time with at least one person you love daily;
  5. Get more closely with nature… and then be nature;
  6. Offer selfless help to someone you don’t know;
  7. Listen to good music;
  8. Write a good letter to someone whom you have almost forgotten;
  9. Play a childhood game with your spouse and/or your children;
  10. Decide to be upbeat;
  11. Being Upbeat is no magic, it is just your choice;
  12. Expect positive outcomes;
  13. Meditate;
  14. Leave your past at bay;
  15. Don’t think too much about the¬†future;
  16. Live in the present moment;
  17. Learn from failures;
  18. Decide to be Upbeat!
  19. Read a lot. Write something too;
  20. Start Now! Right Now!