On Behalf of Execution

Here’s an open letter On Behalf of Execution to all of us:

Without me, the strategy is useless.
So is planning, ideas, wisdom or knowledge…
It is okay to execute, unreasonably.
Beyond the boundaries of what’s usual, accepted or appreciated…

You’re capable of making a difference through your execution.
It’s important. Your daring is worth it…

All you have to do is to believe in yourself that you’re doing good
and, you’ll do even better when you execute…

It begins with the ability to lead the change
on the face of uncertainties, fear, and unknowns…

Sure, it may be painful but not executing is a surefire path
to passive living and probably, suffering,
So choose consciously…

Leadership, storytelling, and leverage are some of the functions,
that effective executors use…

Character, commitment, and passion are some of the characteristics
that successful executor practices…

But when you execute,
the outcomes may not
always be good…
If not powered by the right values,
I can lead to disasters.
So be careful and make a wise choice…

I’m not surprised to see most people,
being afraid of me and not embracing me…

They want to enjoy
the payoff that procrastination provides
by embracing titles such as “Strategic Thinker”
and keeping away with me…

My invitation to them
is to pause, reflect and be aware
that I may be a cause of fear
but not their enemy…

All you need is
a strong foundation of principles
to keep you on-target
when you face the challenges
while traveling with me…

Be aware that
The world exists because of me,
You, me (yes me, before I got my name), everyone.

So embrace me, love me, lead with me…

Don’t think too much
What will happen next
It’s not known to anyone

But that’s okay
you don’t need to

I know you want to
but let me repeat again
you don’t need to

Embrace me, love me, lead with me
and make a difference.

In closing, you may like to
read and reflect on what
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
wrote about me:

“A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.”

You’re a great talent. Find your happiness in me,
and make a difference.

That was an open letter,
on behalf of execution,
To all of us.

To look at it,
from a different perspective,
learn from it and practice better
execution from now onwards.

Something that we can be proud of
about the difference we make.