9 Irrefutable Ways to Establish and Maintain Profound Relationship with Your Boss

Who does not like to have a profound relationship with their boss?

If you have a profound relationship with your boss, it can give you and your team many benefits.

Here are the 9 irrefutable ways about how you can establish and maintain a profound relationship with your boss:

  1. Put your legs in his shoes: Put yourself in his position. If your boss is overzealous about opportunities then do your best to practice being opportunistic.
  2. Build a long term personal relationship: Be ready to walk an extra mile to develop a long term personal relationship with your boss. The more you are related personally to your boss, the more benefit you, your boss and the business would get.
  3. Respect his time: Do not stand at his desk babbling away. Keep the time commitments you have made. In a nutshell, help him utilize his time in a better way or at least don’t come in his way.
  4. Make him notice your actions: Make sure he notices what you do – your strengths, your abilities, your commitment towards the work and the results you produce.  Be really good at what you do and show it consistently. Send him a clear message about your willingness to take his problems on your shoulder no matter how challenging they are.
  5. Donate ownership of your ideas: When you communicate, present the information in a way it looks like it is your boss’ idea even if it were yours. Such an “ownership donation” of ideas will make him relate with you at a more deeper level.
  6. Take criticism positively: When he criticizes you, listen to him carefully and take the criticism positively. Remember, each criticism has a possibility to create something great out of your abilities.
  7. Exhibit solutions approach: No boss likes to hear about only problems. Instead, he would love to hear problems with possible solutions. So present each problem with a possible solution and you’re soon in his good books.
  8. Be receptive, truthful, and candid: Your boss needs to count on you; to believe in you. That’s the reason he has hired you. Be clear and direct in your conversations with him and gain his trust.
  9. Know more and more about him and adjust yourself: Know more about his organizational agendas, his personal agendas, his decision making habits, his sources of power, how does he view himself and others, his passions, his preferred management and leadership style, his communication preferences – (personal meetings, emails, chats or phone calls), how does he deal with conflict, his negotiation styles, his generic expectations and everything else that you think you should know about him and adjust yourself. Be adjustable like water which can take shape of the holding container.

Businesses are vivid and so are the bosses still there are some generic traits that can help you have a profound relationship with your boss. Practice it yourself.