On Honesty

I have said it time and again that to build a remarkable career, company or country, one has to subscribe to what is called continuous learning.

Still many of us believe that if we study for 15 or 18 years, take a good degree that has a high potential of getting a highly paid job, we will be safe.

Gone are those days. The world is moving at unprecedented speed and I feel that anything but continuous learning attitude will be a minimum acceptable standard.

Yesterday, reporters from the DNA NewsPaper approached me and asked my views about honesty. Here’s what I said:

“The problem lies with our education system. In a race for degrees, we have stopped educating ourselves. Education empowers us with execution capabilities. Lack of execution skills gives way to shortcuts and getting into a vicious circle of doing things faster and compromises honesty…”


Here’s the link to DNA’s ePaper edition.

Dishonest self, families, society or countries convey just one thing – our definition of “right” is wrong!

Good news is that it can be fixed with continuous learning that includes honest feedback systems.

Continuous learning and reflection are only two ways to challenge our dominating premises, learn from the experiences and make corrections that are necessary.