On better team relationships 12

Teams move the mountains and team relationship is the fuel that helps the team members do that.

Here are a few behaviors when exhibited by the leader can help him win the trust of the team and have a better relationship:

  1. Show genuine interest in why, what, and how part of their work.
  2. Attend them like attending your child. It will make them fill contented to the (important) source.
  3. Do something everyday to make them feel relaxed.
  4. Go for team-lunches.
  5. Show them that you trust them and believe in their abilities.
  6. Praise them with all your heart when they do something well.
  7. Just not show selective honesty but be really honest with them in everything.
  8. Read between the lines. Team members have a way of telling you something without directly telling you.
  9. Always say please and thank you when communicating with them.
  10. Encourage them to voice their opinion on the big project decisions.
  11. Tell them stories of how you have reached to your current position. Team members would love to hear that.
  12. Give them enough space and respect their silence.