Will you miss me if I’m gone?

Recently read this news on TechCrunch: Secret App Shuts Down. Details here.

It raises some questions, and the answers to those questions come with an opportunity to reflect on important something. Here’re the questions:

  • How would your app users react if you took the app down?
  • How would your clients react if you stopped providing your consulting services?
  • How would your employer react if you put up your resignation?

If you stop doing your work, will that be a setback for them?

If your app is a clone of a popular app, then no one would ever bother to notice if it is taken down.

If the quality of your consulting services is like just another consulting provider available next door, your client’s reaction might be, “Hmm, let’s hire another one!”

If you are just another worker, it might be better for your employer to let you go and hire a new one for a lower price, although it initially sounds counterintuitive.

But when the “who” becomes more important than the “what,” the scenario changes.

Your work matters. Your app is missed if it is gone. Your consulting services are missed if someone else is providing that. You’re offered a premium to stay and do what you’re doing.

Become the “who” that is missed; success might never miss you. This thought connects me with Paul Graham’s classic article – Do things that don’t scale.

Perhaps being the “who,” who is missed if he’s gone, is the most effective mean of getting your next gig.

[bctt tweet=”Being the ‘who,’ who is missed if he’s gone is the most effective mean of getting your next gig.”]

Here’ gig does not mean just a job; it means live performance :).

So, what would you do so you’re missed when you’re gone?