Mini Saga – Secured UnSuccess!

Having talent and using it are two different things. I have seen many talented people who use very little of it and vice-versa.

The following mini-saga is a tale of two childhood friends, Jack and Lucy. Jack was extremely talented while Lucy had average talents but had ample confidence. Lucy believed that true security lies in one’s ability to envision the things and then doing everything right to achieving it, one thing at a time. Here’s what happened.

Secured UnSuccess!

Campus Interview Day: Extremely talented Jack was worried about financial security while confident Lucy wasn’t. Jack settled in a secured managerial job while Lucy took calculated risks and started a small business. After 20 years: Jack, the aged attendant, came to receive Lucy, the Fortune 500 CEO at London Airport.

3 power questions:

  1. Are you limited by the sense of assumed security?
  2. Do you know that true security rests in executing the right thing at the right time than anything else?
  3. Are you really secured?