Mini Saga – Possibility Thinking

As life goes on, we experience new avenues. Sometimes we become so obsessed with one avenue that we would get attached to it and start feeling sad when we know it will go away soon.

Life has a tendency of making us passive followers. But if we refuse to follow, if we choose to lead, it’d be an interesting challenge for life also, isn’t it?

Possibility thinking is one such way of dealing with life challenges. Read the following mini-saga and feel the power it provides.

Possibility Thinking

It was almost certain now. She was going. He was feeling upset because he wanted to just be with her. He did not say anything but she discovered. After all, she knew him very deeply. She told him calmly, “if you want to always be with me, just be me.”

She was a possibility and he was a human being. She was concerned. She wanted him to feel her energy; she wanted him to lead his life with that energy…she wanted him to transform into her.

Life is continuously offering possibilities in various forms. As human beings, we have a choice: we feel sad seeing the possibility of leaving us or we transform ourselves into an even stronger possibility and be the magnet for the one that is going away.