₹ 500 Validation

How to validate if your micro-SaaS App is launch-able?

Perform what I call the “500 ₹” Validation!

500 ₹ = $7.99.

Ask yourself, “Will I willingly pay 7.99$ every month to continue using this app?”

If yes, great. Work further to launch the App.
If not, cool! You are far from the version 1.0 launch. Fix it in the next sprint.

No matter how small your App is, before launching it, you need to take care of a million different things: usability, functionality, competitiveness, cost-to-value ratio, relevance to the TG’s needs …

When an app idea pops out from the Engineering R&D team’s desk, it often lacks the obvious bells & whistles necessary to be a launch-able version.

And many App Developers push functional apps that are difficult to use to the App Stores.

Usability is underrated. Lousy usability is an “exit trigger.” Don’t give your users a chance to stop using your App.

Every technical team needs a role that owns and eliminates the exit triggers.

This role acts as a Thought Leader and questions as many assumptions as possible.

Many different professionals can play this role: Product Owner, Developer, QA, Analyst … Product Manager, and Director of Marketing, to name a few.

Who plays this role matters less. The role is played deliberately … that matters more.

For every professional, regardless of experience or expertise, this role is a way to grow their career.

Because this role is never assigned, it is assumed. It is a leadership role.

Users have fewer chances to stop using your app when this role is assumed.

In SaaS, look for exit triggers. And work to eliminate them.

Because otherwise, the users will eliminate your App!