Hire a mediocre profile

If you want to employ a software engineer, who will be a part of your long-running dedicated support team and is expected to do exactly what’s told, you might want to instruct your Recruitment team to look for profiles that are mediocre and have not so great self-esteem.

Nah, I’m not kidding.

The problem begins with the belief that the smartest, excellent and easy to recognize stars will be comfortable with your leadership style that may include dictatorship, mistreatment, misapplication, and micromanagement.

Just don’t look for top profiles with very high self-esteem for such needs. Excellent profiles are misfit here.

On the other hand, people who are mediocre, who don’t have high self-esteem or are not proud of what they have achieved so far, are potentially good fit for such needs. Think for yourself!

It’s a different thing that you may not enjoy working with such mediocre profiles and eventually, you will also become one kind of mediocrity if you continue doing so.

Or else, pause for a few minutes and retrospect. You may like to take some concrete actions about the way you lead.

Face the reality. Now, it’s not as easy to face it as reading this post. 😉