Let it go: a tale

Nick, the teenager was undergoing a personal relationship challenge once again.

“I should visit my father and seek some guidance,” he thought to himself. He considered his father to be his friend, philosopher, and guide.

So, he went to his father to take his guidance.

When he reached his father’s home, he found him taking care of newly born kittens.

“I think I can’t manage to have girlfriends. All of them try to escape from me.”

While talking, Nick held up a kitten, which immediately tried to escape.

The more Nick tried to hold it, the more the kitten writhed.

“Just don’t try holding it tight,” the father advised.

Nick followed his father’s advice. He opened his hands and the kitten stopped struggling. Soon, the kitten started playing in Nick’s hands.

“Human beings are no different,” said his father. “If you try to hold onto them by any means, they try to run away. But if you let them go, they will remain forever by your side.