Lean thinking and project management

Reading a blog post on lean thinking and project management by Ian Needs of KeyedIn Solutions on Zen PM blog.

The post talks about Lean Startup principles from Eric Ries and how those principles can be applied to Project Management.

While all other advice is good, I liked the mindset to create a Minimum Viable Product approach. Here is why I liked that:

1. It is very natural to how life (or business) works. Ian writes:

For you, that’s a minimum viable project. Pilot your project on a very small scale, then measure and learn as you execute. By the time you initiate a larger-scale iteration of the project, you’ll already have collected a lot of valuable data to help you optimise the process.

2. It eliminates inaction.

Initiating large projects takes a lot of time and it is difficult to move the ball ahead. Starting small has a natural benefit. People’s mind perceives that it is a small thing so even if it fails, its impact would not be that big. While this is just a perception, but it smoothens the actions.

3. It just fits

It fits with the approach I have subscribed for this phase of my life – Living a focused, minimalistic life.

The whole post is pretty informative and good. A good read I’d say.