Leading beyond your title sometimes means: 15

  1. Waking up early;
  2. Start doing things that your colleagues are waiting to do once s/he’ll have that ‘position’;
  3. Showing up when you don’t feel like showing up;
  4. Put in great efforts to deliver even if you don’t feel like making that delivery;
  5. Uncrowding yourself – for example, you choose to wear that ‘red’ shirt when everyone else is wearing blue for a specific purpose;
  6. Initiating a dialogue that inevitably involves confrontation;
  7. Asking (even silly looking) questions, again and again;
  8. Choosing to be agile in most occasions – inviting the ‘life’ to live at her fullest with you;
  9. Choosing not to be agile for a specific occasion – sometimes, only sometimes planning matters more than embracing uncertainties;
  10. Embracing realities – For example, if you don’t know that you have a disease, you’re not going to think about its cure;
  11. Being absolutely merciless in questioning the path you have taken;
  12. Being tough on yourself for your own actions, especially while keeping promises;
  13. Listening carefully and acknowledging what you have understood;
  14. Choosing only words that convey specifics. For example, “I want to earn 10 million dollars by December 31st, 2015” is much better than “I want to be financially well in next 5 years”;
  15. Making a wrong start – more important is to start and less important is right or wrong.

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