The 5 levels of leadership

Awareness of your leadership is crucial if you are serious about building your career.

The world is full of followers. Leaders visualize, and followers carry out tasks based on what leaders visualize. 

That’s how the world works.

If you develop awareness about your leadership and the people around you, you will navigate to your career success swiftly. 

You develop leadership awareness by understanding the different forms of leadership and their impact on people and practice that gives you the most power!

You will note that the #1 misconception about leadership is this: if you are “given” a position, you are a leader.

Here is the truth: you become a leader by the impact you create, not by the position you hold!

Of course, the position may give you some kickstart. Still, it is a game of wrong expectation because many people, especially in 3rd world countries, perceive that the person holding a top position, “Sir” or “Madam,” have answers to all their questions.

It is never the case. We all learn continuously. Having an answer does not make you a leader. Taking unconditional responsibility for the outcomes of people who work to make your vision a reality does.

Your position may be the BS; your impact is never! Have a look at the below Sketchnote to grab the concept visually quickly.



PS: John C. Maxwell popularized the concept of the five levels of leadership via his work. I read it in “Developing the Leader Within You.” book years back. Read about his views here: 5 Levels of Leadership.