This will be one of the best gifts that you’ll shower yourself with – Kill your over-analytical self!

The gift is the ability to STOP over-analyzing every situation that you encounter.

Over-analysis is the biggest enemy of yours.

Your job is to get the sh*t done, fast. Over-analysis stops you from doing that and there’s a chance that you might enter into what’s called analysis-paralysis.

You can safely disregard to be a thinker, strategist, validation or the so-called executive sometimes.

Choose to be a builder, a creator, an inventor or a producer instead. It’s harder. I know, but that’s where you’ll find the meat.

Be a coder, an iOS Ninja, Android Developer, PHP Expert, UX Fanatic, Content Creator or a Tea-maker. Be a creator.

When you create something, you lead. When you lead, you presume unconditional ownership of what you have created. You make no stones unturned to make your creation successful.

Unconditional Ownership makes all the difference.

Now, don’t stop to analyze if there is a thing called “Unconditional Ownership.”

Unconditional Ownership just means – do whatever it takes to get the sh*t done, fast.

The problem with over-analysis is that you tend to choose the safest path. The thing with the path is this – you know it is safe only when you experience it.

Over-analysis slows you down. It stops you from experiencing the creation process.

Kill your over-analytical self. If you don’t you’ll keep away from what matters.

I’m not saying you should not analyze things. I am just saying, you reserve a set time to “analyze” the things and don’t keep analyzing the things as you otherwise would.

You must have heard the old saying:

“Work while you work and play while you play.”

I tweaked it and it has made me more productive:

“Work while you work and analyze ONLY while you analyze.”

This has worked for me. What about you?