Keep delivering

Often, Delivering is burdened with threats and perils.

Every time you stand up, send a text message, write a piece of software code, publish a blog post or write a tweet, you’re exposing yourself to blame. Not just blame, but the possible negative consequences that come with your actions.

It’s no wonder why most of us are afraid to deliver.

It’s uncertain if you are provided with more options, though. A life spent in the safe harbor of the known seems less risky, but in fact, avoiding change and living a passive life is the most dangerous home for a human.

Considering the pace at the world moves, It’s certain that a passive, delivery-less life would turn out to be failure sooner than later.

You can’t get away with delivering, then why to deliver passively?

While climbing the mountain, everyone gets exhausted. The winner is the mountaineer who unriddles how to lead the process of being exhausted and how to release is after the mountain is climbed up. Sure, he’s exhausted. Everyone is. That’s not the point. The point is to mount.

Learn how to bring harmony in the process of getting exhausted. Keep delivering despite all the odds.