Smart Vs. Trustworthy

She was managing one of the most important projects of the company for the past 2 years.

One day, the junior most team member asked her if he was smart, she said, “No”. He asked him again if he thinks that he wanted to have him in her team, she said “No”. Then he asked him if there’ll be any loss to the team if he stops coming to the work, she said “No”. He thought he had heard enough and wanted to resign.

As he went back to his desk to prepare his resignation letter, she asked him to stay. She said, “You’re not smart, but you’re TRUSTWORTHY, I don’t want to have you in my team, I NEED to have you in my team. And there wouldn’t be any loss to the team if you move on, there would be NO TEAM.”

Some team members are indispensable. They are the ones who make the team. If there are no such players, there is no team.

Trustworthiness is a superior trait than smartness so is doing remarkable work. It makes you indispensable.