Learn project management

I’m not a project manager. Why do I need to learn project management?

What, exactly, does a project manager do?

In software development, the project manager doesn’t always write code, create architecture, perform system tests, or develops and direct user experience.

And yet, no project manager, no project.

The project manager asks questions, “How do we deliver as per the scope?” “What customer satisfaction survey says about the latest release?” The project manager is always focused on delivering results, whether the result is quality, revenue or customer satisfaction.

The job you do, obviously, has nothing to do with whether or not you have the mindset of a project manager. I’ve seen talented people who are clearly project managers…and no-hopers who were just doing something for the sake of doing. I’ve worked with people who always want to get things done…and with those who have an excuse ready when something doesn’t work out.

Project management is not limited to the discipline of project management professionals – all of us can learn how to practice it for getting things done.

If you intend to produce a unique product, service or result that adds value, project management is for you – excellent beings always keep getting better in project management, regardless of their job titles.