I will hire you as a programmer if you: 7

  1. have a passion for your work (you love what you do)
  2. treat programming as a way of living than just a job (you do what you really enjoy doing)
  3. are ready to speak for hours on your favorite technology (you have considerable knowledge in your subject area and have good communication skills too)
  4. love to learn new technologies/methods on your own without the help of a formal learning structure (you are a self-starter)
  5. have strong opinions about which technologies are more useful and which are not – with convincing reasons (Strong opinions are usually the result of  deep knowledge)
  6. are not comfortable with the idea about working in the technology of your dislike (you do not take your knowledge and skills for granted)
  7. may not have the desired skill but have the right will to get the right skill. (Attitude!)

By now, you got the idea about what it takes to be hired as programming in a midsized software services company – while it is not a general expectation applicable to all the companies but I hope it will help you to understand what kind of behaviors are expected from a technology programming profile.