Chief Hypnotizer

When creating an App, it’s apparent that a professional company would like to build an A-Team. The team will have:

  • Engineers who are passionate about their work;
  • An Architect whose vision will make all the difference;
  • A Project Manager who will manage the development project;
  • A legal advisor who will ensure that you don’t break any copyrights, infringe patents and don’t break any other laws;
  • A finance guy who’ll own the “cost” thing and ensure that the App is ROI positive sooner than later;
  • A marketing girl who knows the art of Jabs and hooks and will make the hell out of marketing the App via cross-promotion channels, direct deals, social promotions etc.

And a few more guys and gals who will do what it takes to make an A-team.


But the question is, will they all run on their own?

Certainly not. You’ll need a hypnotizer.

A chief hypnotizer!

Not just a get-it-done guy, or the one who’ll survive the project and will shift the ownership on someone else successfully, the one who’ll hypnotize all the A-list team members, push their limits and make an App that will be not only be loved by people, be used by them in such a way that will make the Company reach its goals.

So the question is, in your A-Team, who’s the Chief Hypnotizer? If you can’t answer it in next 10 seconds, then it is an opportunity for you to be one (or find one), no matter what other roles you’re playing …