How to Practice Dominance 10


Everyone wants to have influence and power over others. In other words, everyone wants to dominate:

Here are 10 ways how you can practice dominance:

  1. Be exceptionally good at what you do… as a leader, a manager, a doer… or all three;
  2. First, clearly, communicate your expectations then inspect what you expect;
  3. Know exactly what you are doing. Articulate reasons behind it frequently;
  4. Explain the course of actions you’re taking whenever necessary;
  5. Lead from the front;
  6. Know that your dominance is not absolute – its existence depends on other people’s recognition;
  7. Be insanely decisive;
  8. Get your people to accept that in select situations, your words are final decisions;
  9. Exhibit your self-confidence in your every action;
  10. When you think you have communicated enough, communicate once more!