How often do you think that things are not moving forward as expected?

Are you waiting for the right answer and a well-crafted path so that you can start performing well?

This is precisely why you don’t perform that well.

Starting to walk without knowing the path is difficult, so our natural choice would be to wait, searching for the right ways and the right time.

The only way that might work is the way you choose right now regardless of thinking whether it’s right or not.

Take tiny steps. Make a little progress. Write that difficult email. Have that confronting dialogue. When you start taking actions, you can’t help but get better and eventually find the true north.

Possibly, you might end up being less than perfect but it will be more valuable than not moving forward.

Don’t wait. Start. Take the wrong path. Start the wrong things. Try. Continue. Deliver. Fall down. Get up. Fail once more. Start all over again. Persevere.

And, one day, you’ll discover that there are no wrong ways if you choose to take actions.