How to caffeinate your leadership repertoire?

Recently Google announced of their new search index called Caffeine. A significant improvement over their old search indexing system.

Google’s old indexing system had several layers which used to take notable time to get updated with newer information like social media status updates.

Leadership is no different. Like Google search, you also need to return ‘Leadership’ results to serve when being queried for a problem. While you might want to become an effective leader, you have been taught to build specific layers – usually acknowledged as Leadership Habits.

Here’re those habits and what you can do to “caffeinate” them:

  1. Mind domination: Ability to lead effectively is proportional to the maturity of your thoughts. Leaders who have gained control over their thoughts are the most effective. To caffeinate your mind-domination, ask yourself, “Have I gained control over my thoughts? And am I able to see failures as opportunities for expanding my leadership best?”
  2. Sense of purpose: The purpose of life is like a compass. It leads you towards the true north.  Leaders with a great sense of purpose can lead effectively even on the face of adversities.  To caffeinate your sense of purpose, ask yourself, “Do I have clearly defined and written the statement of purpose which would take my personal, professional and spiritual life to the next level?”
  3. Continuous betterment: Mastered mind aligned with a strong sense of purpose leads to massive actions. However, many times, even the leaders choose to take actions they like rather than the necessary actions mostly because of fear. Pause. Take a deep breath and ask yourself this question to caffeinate your kaizen, “Am I able to do the things I fear the most?”
  4. Discipline: Discipline is cultivated by continuously doing small acts of courage with integrity. The greater the willpower the greater the discipline; the greater the discipline the greater the leadership. To caffeinate your discipline ask yourself, “My willpower is ruled by whom? Me or someone else?”
  5. Time esteem: Time is the most treasured, non-replaceable resource. Leaders who make a difference understand its importance and respect it to the fullest. They prioritize their work and focus their energies on the most important tasks. They choose to say ‘No’ to everything else. To caffeinate your time-esteem, ask yourself, “Am I able to prioritize and respect my time well?”
  6. Altruism: The leaders, who exhibit the best leadership, tend to selflessly help. They bring up other’s lives to reach their highest proportions. To caffeinate your altruism, ask yourself, “Whom I’m going to help today, selflessly?”
  7. Happiness focus: They never sacrifice happiness for the sake of accomplishments. To caffeinate the happiness focus, ask yourself, “Which little happiness am I sacrificing for the sake of worldly accomplishments?”

Like Caffeine, you, the leader need to analyze the information and convert it into meaningful specifics that add up value to your leadership repertoire.

Then you will be able to serve fresh leadership than ever before – no matter how uncanny the needs might be.

Power Question: What else you can do to take your leadership repertoire to the next level, right now?