Effective middle manager

In a typical organization, the middle managers would have quite a big responsibility for making things happen.

So how to rock as a middle manager? Well, Here are some tips:

  1. Request clear, specific goals from your boss;
  2. Pull the work that matters;
  3. Ask your boss tough questions which challenge dominating premises;
  4. Do your best to fulfill those goals;
  5. If your boss guides you about ‘how’ to achieve the goal but you have a different idea, do present your point but once a conclusion is made, commit to it;
  6. Define clear, specific goals for your subordinates;
  7. Demand excellence. Convey that anything less than excellence will not be tolerated;
  8. Ask your subordinates tough questions, which make them discover new ways of achieving the goals;
  9. Inspire your subordinates to ask you tough questions;
  10. Inspire your subordinates to pull the work that matters.
And, you’ll rock as a middle manager.