How To Be ‘Cool’ Even In The Situations Full Of Stress

Think of this scenario:

  • You’re in your workplace or at home or out for holidays (read “Wherever you’re” here)
  • Economy does not sound very exciting.
  • You’re wondering (read ‘dreading’ here) how to meet targets, no one wants to buy what you have to sell!
  • You’re fearing that the recent appraisal won’t turn into handsome increment.
  • Your wife bespeakingly forces you to buy a new LCD 54″ Television.

Sounds similar?

Simple. Read and understand Benjamin Franklin’s this quote,

Joy is not in things; it is in us.

OK, got it.  But…

But How? I know that quotes are just to read and mostly out of understanding for common human beings. And I’m not extraordinary superhero. I’m just a stupid common man.

Well, here are the implementation tips:

Feel gratitude for what you have got from life: Find out top three wonderful things that you already have. Be thankful to the life that you have those things. These things can be any. May it be your skill, may it be your family, may it be the car that you purchased 2 years ago, anything. In fact, you’re shifting your focus from negative to positive. It is a small thing but it will have a big impact on your mood and it would be difficult for you not to feel felicitous.

Reverse Count for 20 to 1: One of the easiest and quickest stress relieving exercise. Here are the steps:

  • Be relax and sit down with your legs apart. Your hands should be on your stomach.
  • Start with 20. Breathe in.  Pause for a second.  Now Breathe out slowly through your nose.
  • Go to 19. Again Breathe in. Pause for a second. Now breathe out slowly through your nose.
  • Go to 18… Got the idea?

Now find where is the stress? Let me know if you are able to find it!

Take it easy: Whatever happens happens for good and nothing is perfect in this world. A gracious mood within you is more valuable than anything else. Do not take yourself very seriously, trust me, not anyone takes! Live the moment as it is the last hour of your life. Enjoy and cheer up.

Eat one bite at a time: No matter whether it is food or work, focus on only one item at a time. Work ‘on’ the task and not ‘in’ the task. English people has taught us a very good lesson. Divide and rule. Divide the task into smaller and manageable chunks and rule over it! The smaller the bite of the task, the better management possibility.

Seek for the hidden opportunity on the face of problem: There may be problems. There may be parts of the task that you don’t feel so cool about. One interesting thing about any problem is that is is the flip side ofopportunity! You give me a problem and I’ll show you at least one opportunity from it.

Remember, Problems are meant to teach us more empathy.

Here is how it works:

  • It eliminates the negative impact of the problem.
  • You feel energized about the image of results associated with the opportunity
  • Guess what, now, stress is obliterated!

Whenever I encounter a problem I think, “There is an awesome thing about this problem!” Guess what, I am always able to find that awesome thing. That excites me tremendously and sources energy to kick the stress off.

Accept it: What if any of the above tips are not helping you to shake the negativity attached with the problem? Accept it! Tell yourself: “This is how I feel right now and I accept it!”

Huh? This sounds unreasonable and looks like I’m asking you to giving up. But, in fact, by acknowledging how you feel pro-actively to your conscious mind, you reduce the  emotional energy that is negatively associated with the problem. Complete your relationship with the problem. When you consciously know that you can’t do anything about it, you won’t feel stressed.

Have a cool and exciting stress relieving time!

All the best.