Motivated Team 30

  1. Gets the required work done;
  2. Gets work done on time;
  3. Meets the quality standards;
  4. Shows accuracy at work;
  5. Sees things through;
  6. Understands the rules of the game (i.e. work) deeply;
  7. Strives to achieve high-quality results;
  8. Committed;
  9. Exceeds quality expectations;
  10. Welcomes measurability;
  11. They do what they say they’d do;
  12. Takes ownership.
  13. Sits on top of the deadlines. Evaluates and revises whenever necessary;
  14. Chooses to be responsible for the results. Never blames other people or circumstances when things go wrong;
  15. Keeps a follow-up plan in place;
  16. Knows that contingencies do matter;
  17. Accomplished tasks to the best of their capabilities;
  18. Never hesitates to confront issues;
  19. Ready to run an extra mile;
  20. Learns from their mistakes;
  21. Beats the deadline; not only meets it;
  22. Follows instructions but speaks up if they do not agree to that;
  23. Remembers minor things as well;
  24. Good at time management. Honors fellow team members’ time;
  25. Makes mistake but does not repeat the same mistakes again and again;
  26. Delivers the results in time;
  27. Their work is up to the expectations without much supervision;
  28. Feels gratitude towards their work;
  29. Never hides situation when things go wrong. Believes that bad news is better than no news;
  30. Focuses on important things equally as urgent pressing issues;

The motivated team is every manager’s dream yet a few are able to keep a team motivated. Hope the above thoughts will be helpful.