Improve your soft-skills

Many Project Managers focus on gaining command over hard skills such as planning, budgeting, risk management, monitoring and controlling the execution of the project etc.

Despite that, overall project failure rates continue to grow.

So, what’s missing?

Focus on the soft skills.

Self-leadership, building motivated teams, negotiating and effective presentation skills to name a few.

Sometimes these skills are considered soft skills but developing these skills becomes tough for many.

Sure, these skills can be learned but the critical question is ‘how’ to learn those skills?

By continuous learning.

Why such skills cannot via training programs that happen on weekends?

Developing soft-skills can take time, and most training programs alone would not help much apart from getting clear about its basics.

Developing soft-skills is like a long-term project.  If you actively choose to excel your soft-skills continuously then having above hard skills would help you more in making your project successful.