Hotchpotch of Wants

Do you eat hotchpotch daily?

Huh? What kind of question is this?

No one eats hotchpotch daily.

If you eat hotchpotch daily, you’ll stop enjoying its taste sooner.

Enter the “to want” list — we keep adding more and more things to it and make a hotchpotch daily.

Here’s what we want, more and more: More money. More happiness. More love. More peace. More leisure. More of everything.

And often, here’s what we get: More debt. More despair. More neglect. More frustration. More burning. More stress.

Because we focus on getting more, we get more. But often of the wrong kind.

Greed costs.

What if we don’t focus on getting “more” at all?

What if we focus on not getting “more” or “less” of anything?

What if we start living a life that’s not based on any such “wants list” but on how it unfolds and how we spontaneously respond to it?

Then we won’t have to eat the same hotchpotch every day. Then we won’t have to witness the fight between our often different kinds of wants. Then we won’t have to worry about achieving something.

Then we will just breathe. And live.

“Breathe in that vital connection to the life source and sensual beauty everywhere. Feel loved and strong.” ~ Jay Woodman

Then we will experience the vital connection to life energy.

The frequency of that life energy will significantly differ from what frequency we live our life. Agile. Spontaneous. Meaningful.

Probably better, too … think for yourself.