8 Behaviors of High-Achievers

Do you know what are the common behaviors of high-achievers?

Do you know what makes them different from not-so-high achievers?

Here are 8 common behaviors that most high achievers have:

  1. They have definite Goals:  They set SMART and definite goals for themselves.
  2. They’re committed: They commit to take the necessary actions in the direction of the goals they have set.
  3. They are opportunists: They see opportunities in all walks of life. Good and bad. Easy and difficult. Nasty or pleasant.
  4. They are solution focused: Whatever the problem, they choose to remain on the solutions side.
  5. They are optimists:  They are intentionally optimistic about the impossible looking targets/goals/apex that they are chasing.
  6. They radiate confidence:  They continuously grow their confidence through practice and persistence and they radiate it such that people around them feel inspired to take actions.
  7. They assume ownership: Even when their efforts fail, they assume unconditional ownership of the outcome. They don’t blame others for their failures and do what’s right in the moment of choice.
  8. They are dreamers with a deadline: Yes, they believe in their dreams and but once they have seen the dream, they get out of the bed to do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality.

There are no guarantees that if a person has all of the above characteristics, s/he will become a high achiever but nevertheless, it will increase the chances a lot. Observe it for yourself.