Fresher mindset

At some point, most software engineers start talking about themselves like they’ve got enough experience.

“Even if it seems right, it is too late to change our focus now.”


“Why do I need to understand the mobile platform now? My twelve-year experience in client-server and web is enough for me.”

Even organizations and families make decisions like this: they conclude it’s just too late to change.

Often the point is missed: It’s distinct for everyone. It’s a choice. It’s possible to start building six-pack bodies at 47, learning computer skills at 65, or change your business with an improved customer collaboration model that transforms the industry.

It’s getting tougher day by day, but that’s the reason it’s worth causing. And, it feels good to be a ’cause’ in the matter. Keep a “Fresher” mindset. Think how powerful that can be in your own context.