Why Giving Up to Challenges is Not a Good Idea

Got a challenging situation?

Thinking of giving up?


Well, if you are really sure you should give up then also think once more.

Giving up to challenges is not a good idea.

It is easy to give up to the challenges of life, not so easy to find out a way to combat those challenges, learn from those challenges and create your own destiny.

But you told me the other day that you wanted to create your own destiny, didn’t you?

Refer to the history of most successful people. The ones who have made a difference have always practiced perseverance.

Yes, perseverance.

I don’t say that the path is not painful. Certainly, it is. But know that the pain is not your enemy. It is your friend, in fact.  It expands your capacity. It forces you to get the best out of you. It makes you more competent than who you presently are.

Yes, pain is your friend if you learn how to befriend him.

In the process, you might lose battles, might get deeply hurt, or you might see things that you once thought you would never see in your life, but pause and don’t feel down because feeling down is everyone’s fixed way of being when they encounter painful situations.

At the end of the day, it is just one way…not the ONLY way.

You always have abilities to do what you want…if you know how to deal with your own limiting thoughts.

So, make a choice to feel the pain but do it anyway.

Did I tell you that regardless of your pain, you could choose not to suffer?

Pain and suffering are not into the relationship of what we call “cause and effect…”

Pain is not the cause and suffering is not the effect although they appear to be.

They are not.

They are totally unrelated words but our fixed way of being has influenced us so much in believing that they are into the cause and effect sort of relationship.


Here is one way to deal with your pain:

  • Be with it;
  • Take a sip of it;
  • Savor it;
  • Enjoy it;
  • And let pain be surprised by your act!

Pains don’t like surprises and would want to run away from you.

As soon as they can.

Imagine who will remain with you then? Only you, your choices and their consequences. Where is the pain or suffering?

“Giving up is also a choice,” you may say.

Sure, it is.

However, an inferior one.

Your goal was to run a marathon and emerge as a winner. If you choose to give up in the middle of the game, you still have made a choice but an easier one, and certainly not a wise one.

Challenging situations bring the BEST out of you and lead your path toward making you more powerful.  Don’t forget that.