When you get fired

“Get Lost, Dude!” – What to do when you hear those words?

We all get rejected at some point in time. Whether it is about dating a beautiful girl/boy or the work.

I can’t help you with getting your date fixed with a beautiful girl/boy, but here’s what you can do when your employer asks you to leave the job.

There’s a simple way out – just two words.

It happens.

“We don’t want you to be on our team now. You’re not producing results that we expect.”

It happens.

“We don’t want you to work with our company.”

It happens.

It happens!

You need to understand the reason why your employer is asking you to leave. Only then you’d be able to adjust yourself and lead your behavior in a way that your employer might consider you for another role or keep you in mind for any future needs.

Don’t feel bad that you are turned down. It isn’t the end of the world. It is just that your services are not required at that particular point of time in that specific company!

Don’t stress. Move on and find your next gig.

Trust me, somebody is waiting for you.

All the best!