Forgive yourself now

You have made a mistake and you’re not ready to forgive you. “How come I make such a mistake? Such a blunder?” You are thinking.

Sounds familiar?

We all make mistakes. For example, list down names of all your friends, relatives and other people you know. Include the great people, leaders, and gurus whom you respect and admire a lot. Now pause for a moment and take a little detailed look at their lives. Have they not made any mistake? You bet!

The thing is, everyone does the BEST thing they can do at the very moment. Our actions are dependent on various parameters. Some of them we know, some of them we don’t. But regardless, they impact our actions.

That’s how it is.

The best thing you can do when you encounter a moment of heaviness where you are convinced that you have made mistake is to accept it as it is and just be comfortable with it.

The good thing about your mistake is this – it is your past, not your present. You have your present moment in your hand which you can shape as you wish.

Feeling guilty is a choice but certainly not a good one. In fact, it is bad. Bad for your health. Bad for your confidence. Bad for your self-esteem. And bad for your overall wellbeing.

Forgive yourself now because that is a better choice. The thing about choice is that it can be overwritten with another choice. If you overwrite your previous choice with a better one, you’re better off, aren’t you?

We have not invented the time machine yet. We cannot go back in and change the mistake. Had this been possible, it would probably be the best choice. But it is not available to us so better we make the next best choice – Accept the reality, whatever it is.

Remember what Henry David Thoreau said, “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way!”

You do not want to go back, do you?

Certainly, you don’t want to.

Instead, savor the present moment.

Know that you’re not your thoughts. Know that you’re not your actions. Know that you’re not your mistakes. You’re pure awareness of the moment. Nothing less; nothing more.

Learn to have a life full of Shouldless Living. Accept yourself the way you are and the way you are not and start engaging in the next best thing wholeheartedly.