Express yourself fully

Many people believe that there’s something wrong with intending to be successful.

I have heard it more often than not, that you have to be ready to do “wrong” things to be successful and you may have to overrule your inner urge of being compassionate at times.

I want you to get this right – “Being compassionate or whatever other virtues that you believe to be in your way to success are a creation of your own thinking.”

To me, success is a life lived remarkably.

A remarkable life is a life expressed fully and lived enthusiastically like a child. I feel that without expressing our own self fully, we make our life hollow.

What contributes to making human beings different from other animals is their ability to intentionally create experiences, learn from them, discover the gifts that we’ve got from nature and live life to the fullest.

We all are designed to live life fully but we often forget that. Observe any child of 2-4 years and observe your own behaviors and you will experience the difference.

Children live their life fully. They say “No” to the things they don’t want to do at the moment; they cry at one moment and smile the very next; they live spontaneous life and create the experiences they feel like creating…without giving up to the reasons that the child would learn in future.

Regardless of who’s around, the child expresses her best all the time.

It is very natural to take actions that express yourself fully. It is actually a pursuit of innovation without even the need to define what innovation is. It is also a replication of astounding confidence in one’s own ability to deal with an uncertain next.

Much like a child does, unknowingly.

The way I see it, we don’t need to be “ready” to do wrong or right things, we should just do the thing, learn from it and move on to the next, apparently right thing in the process of expressing ourselves fully.

Ask yourself this – Does a child ever try to get “ready” to do her best or just does whatever she feels good?

Have you ever found a child complaining how unsuccessful she is and she would like to acquire this and that to be successful?


Can we not learn to express our own self fully from them and make our lives better?


Let’s start!