On hiring a manager

Hiring a manager is a challenging task no matter if you’re hiring internally or externally.

The position of manager is going to impact significantly: people, processes, technology and the overall business.

Of course, there are Job-Descriptions specifically crafted for the manager role but there are some generic qualities that the managers should have.

If as a hiring manager, you are aware of such qualities, chances are, you will be able to hire a good manager.

  1. Result orientation: The desire to attack the job every single day to produce the expected results.  Ability to set and meet challenging targets. Consistent focus on performance improvement.
  2. Business awareness: What’s the manager’s understanding of business and financials?  He should be able to manage the expectations of the management and team both – and deep understanding of how the business functions and what are the business priorities can pay huge dividends.
  3. Communication: The ability to communicate precisely and convincingly, orally or in writing. Ability to listen to and acknowledge the facts and respond to it effectively.
  4. Customer focus: The ability to look after internal and external customers to ensure that they are delighted and not just satisfied. Customer focus is another way to evaluate the manager’s perspective towards the business.
  5. People development: The desire and capability to encourage the development of his or her team members by providing feedback, support, positive criticism, motivation, encouragement, and coaching.
  6. Adaptability: The ability to adapt the organization culture and work effectively no matter how stressful the situations may get. Willingness to be truthful to the role that he or she is playing regardless of the position or the job title.
  7. Leadership: The ability to influence his or her subordinates and superiors in a way they eventually acquire the ability to influence their subordinates and superiors.
  8. Relationship: The ability to establish a profound relationship with his or her team members and with the whole team.
  9. Planning: The ability to begin with the end in mind, ensuring that resources required for implementing the projects or tasks will be made available with appropriate planning that tightly supports inspection and monitoring systems.
  10. Solution-centric approach: The capability to evaluate the situations and circumstances, diagnose problems, identify the key issues, establish, evaluate and reestablish alternatives and produce solutions that are practical.
  11. Teamwork: The ability to work collaboratively with other team members with a complete understanding of the role being played.

The above list of qualities is by no means complete. There are many specific qualities required for specific types of businesses. So take it with a pinch of salt!