8 ways to build Self-Confidence

Who does not want to feel self-confident?

The self-confidence comes from mastering particular skills and enhancing ability, self-judgment, influence, power and so on.

Here is a “getting started funda” about what behaviors can help you build self-confidence.

  1. Build a positive mental attitude.
  2. Stop comparing your weak points with other’s strong points.
  3. Write down what qualities you wish to have.
  4. Keep track of your time-budget.
  5. Compare yourself with your own past accomplishments, not with anyone else.
  6. Seek a definite objective in competitive thinking.
  7. Deliberately be more social!
  8. Eat the whole elephant, one bite at a time! Oh yes, you can eat an elephant too!

By no means above list is comprehensive, but it sure will provide you with some of the quick insights for improving your self-confidence.

PS: Please ignore the cheesy statements like you can eat the elephant too but its logic will help for sure!