Don’t feel fulfilled when …

Do you feel fulfilled when you read a motivational book, read a self-help blog post or see an inspirational YouTube video?

You should not!

It’s easier to feel fulfilled and be satisfied to observe someone accomplishing something significant.

In such situations, almost always, we portray ourselves as the person who is accomplishing. But here’s a problem: it generates what I call a false sense of accomplishment.

And sadly, that false sense keeps us away from real accomplishments that we should be executed for.

Here’s the real problem – feeling fulfilled by observing someone else’s accomplishment keeps us away from real action.

Sure, motivational books, self-help blogs, and inspirational videos are great but for learning only. Once learned, we should initiate actions with our newfound learning.

Or else what’s the point of learning?

The decision has no value if it’s not executed.

We all possess more or less the same abilities: thinking, talking, deciding and doing.

Still, only a few of us succeed, why?

Here’s the secret: success prefers “doers” over “feelers”.

I know you’re wondering, “But my situation is unique, I’m just waiting for RIGHT time and I’ll execute …”

This very moment is RIGHT.  If you are searching for that perfect time or that wisest moment of decision, you’re going to lose.

When you learn to take care of yourself and work towards accomplishing what you have to, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Here’s my invitation – when you observe someone accomplishing something, get inspired for sure but put that inspiration to work for you.

That’s a wiser choice.