Battle Vs. War

Not all conflicts can be avoided.

Not all conflicts are disastrous.

When you accept these two truths, your approach to your communication will change.

If you build a conflict-liberal organization, you focus more on the real problem that needs to get resolved, rather than engaging in the fixed ways of managing the conflicts.

The conflict-liberal approach means that you do not consider that the conflict itself is a problem. Instead, you consider that conflict is a tool to get the problem resolved.

And usually, what you believe is what you get, isn’t it so?

But if you are not conflict-liberal, you might consider conflict itself as a problem and focus your energies into making sure that YOU are RIGHT.

Do you want to prove that you’re right or get the problem resolved?

Proving yourself right is like winning a battle, solving the real problem is like winning at a war. What do you want to do today?