Do things that might not work

Huh? Are you insane?

Certainly, everyone wants this … assurance.


  • When a wedding event is planned, the head of the family wants the assurance that the event will go well.
  • When a new project is about to begin, the sponsor wants the assurance that it will be successful.
  • When a new product line is launched, the Executives, VPs, and Sr. Managers need assurance that it will work.
  • When a startup is hiring a freelancer, they want certainty that the working freelancer would carry out will be extremely useful to them (and since the freelancer is supposed to be needing the work, she should offer the money-back guarantee, too!).


Everyone wants assurance.

The problem with assurance is that we learn about it when the same experience has happened.

Whatever has happened once can be predicted. Whatever has happened once can be estimated. Whatever has happened once can contribute to giving assurance.

Creation is a different kind of path. It is based on the ambit of “not sure.”

If the creator is asked, “Can you show me a case study about how you’d go from A to B,” he might not have a definite answer.

The world gets better through the stuff that comes from doing the things that might not work.

Are you doing anything that might not work?