Don’t feel sorry

Do you keep feeling sorry about the things?

You should not. Here’s why: you keep feeling sorry when you don’t take ownership of your act (or inaction) in the matter.

When you take ownership of your presence in the matter, you just don’t feel sorry, you do something about it.

Mentally weak people keep feeling sorry about the things and expect that others forgive them.

And, you are not born to be a mentally weak being, are you?

No individual is perfect in this world. We keep making mistakes every now and then. We make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes, we just can’t control our actions.

Whatever the cause, but the fact is, something has happened which should not have happened. Now what?

Take ownership and do something about the matter: make yourself involved at a deeper level in the matter or get out-of-the-way. Either act is fine depending upon its appropriation.

Choose not to live in the past.  Whatever lessons were to be learned are learned.  Decide to move on in your own, unique way.

For others, you may not be the same dependable or trustworthy person. That’s okay! This is what your actions have created. Take more actions that have the potential to create something that you wish for.

Maybe the future will recreate the trust; maybe it will not. No one knows the future and while it might be painful at the personal level, leave it on time.

Move on from the event of past and focus your energies on other important things in your life. It may be spending time with your loved ones, getting better at a particular sport, growing your business or whatever they are.

Do not keep feeling sorry about the things, do something valuable so that the act that caused the sorrow becomes negligible in comparison.

While I’m not against the feeling of genuine sorry that you might feel about something that was done unintentionally, the point I’m making is this: when you really feel sorry about something, you do something about it.

You don’t just feel and keep feeling: the world is full of feelers, it needs more of doers. Actions matter. The feeling should be a good trigger to take some actions that matter, the mere feeling is useless otherwise.

Go, rise to newer heights. When you genuinely feel sorry, take the ownership and change yourself first.