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Why Produce Tangible Value?

You generate wealth when you produce tangible value. Wealth is beyond money — it translates into freedom of choice and finance.

You want to be wealthy, don’t you?

You gain professional freedom when your Startup becomes a Business.

You gain personal freedom when you don’t have to work on the jobs you hate.

Tangible Value Creation showers you with either – or both.

Why Learn from UV?

  1. UV has been an ordinary man with a (very) humble background and academics, but he has one thing that many don’t have – a robust mindset.
  2. While he realized this strength much later in life, he has practiced it for over two decades.
  3. He has built and sold companies, built the careers of hundreds of people, and added tangible value to everyone he chose.

UV’s “Dhandhe Ka Funda” Newsletter lets you get clarity about your 3-year vision and learn the useful techniques to transform it into reality!


UV’s #DhandheKaFunda Newsletter

Life of normalcy to a life of significance


”DhandheKaFunda” is a thought process – a mindset that helps Rebel Entrepreneurs build anything of tangible value.

‘Dhandha’ means business in Gujarati, and ‘Funda’ is short for fundamentals. The foundational skills and concepts needed to run an organization are business fundamentals.

Mindset is how you see the world.

Whether you see it that way or not, you are an organization of one!

This is because even though you are one individual, you play many roles, often with conflicting priorities. You must set your priorities right to achieve a particular aim.

When you set your mindset right, you alter your attitude. Attitude is how you interact with the world!

#DhandheKaFunda enables you to set your mindset right and alter your attitude.

Start building a robust startup.

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