On-target failing

Some Software Engineers think that if they get an R&D project, their life will be easy.

All they will need to do will be to give their best try and if it works, works and if it doesn’t, doesn’t.

No apparent accountability for the results…ha!

That mindset doesn’t help.

The best work is done on-target. With clear goals. It is done in rhythm. It is done to bring the results. Failure or success, whatever the result might be.

Great R&Ds look forward to the results. They inquest. They’re on-target. When they discover something that moves the ball forward, they transit the knowledge that can be used in further execution to attain the next level.

When you get an R&D project, make sure you’re on-target. With a clear intent to reach an end. Inspect what you’re producing every single day and if you find that you re not advancing towards your goal, change your methods.

Reaching to a result is critical. Even if it means that you failed, you failed on-target, quickly. Much better than delayed zombies.