On criticism

To hell with the critics; long live criticism!

Do you remember the people who criticize you?

Or do you care about just the criticism and take corrective measures if you think you can improve?

It’s a “Who Vs. What” question.

Now think about this: if you remember the people who criticize you, your natural inclination will be to win over their hearts and do things to please them.

Your act gets biased when you do something to “please” someone. Such an act will make you stressed. Is such an act worth practicing? You know the answer.

But if you listen to just the criticism to understand the critic’s point of view, and if you are convinced, take corrective measures for improvement, the scenario changes.

When it comes to dealing with criticism, ‘What’ matters more than ‘Who.’

Don’t think of critics. Fix the act that caused criticism (or ignore it if you don’t care).

Think of people you love … your friends; your family; your kids; your spouse (if you still love her or him) …

That’s a much better use of your most scarce resource – your remaining time in this world.

Some people live their lives thinking that they have unlimited time in this world. That’s not true. Your time is limited. Here’re the seven most common deathbed regrets. Not worth having for sure.

Do something that gives you happiness. Learn from the criticism but to hell with the critics. You better do it!