Cool idea, crappy app

When someone is using an App that is not easy for him to use, the App features and other benefits suddenly disappear.

You need to be absolutely clear and specific about the user experience your App provides in order to make your App not only understood by its users but cherished.

The thing is, just about every mobile user uses one or the other crappy App. It is “crappy” because it doesn’t match their expectation.

As an App Developer, your ability to convey that your App is not crappy is not as powerful as you think it is.

Your App will be criticized. If it is critical that your App users love your App, keep no stones unturned to have your App offer an experience that not only your users expect but make them feel wow!

If it is not critical that your user loves your App then what’s the point of creating such an App?

Because you had a “cool” idea? A cool idea is cool only when it is conveyed in a way that your Apps users want to experience it. It is worthless otherwise. Think for yourself.